Hacker News RSS feeds


hnrss.org provides custom, realtime RSS feeds for Hacker News.

The following feeds are available:


Each feed is valid RSS served over HTTPS.

Firehose Feeds

The “firehose” feeds contain all new posts and comments as they appear on Hacker News:


For just the posts that have appeared on the front page:


If the firehose feeds are a bit too noisy for you, read below on filtering them with the points and/or comments parameters.

Search Feeds

You can get a feed of new posts and/or comments containing keywords by using the q=KEYWORD parameter. For example:


If you want a single search feed but multiple keywords, separate the keywords with “ OR “:


Self Post Feeds

Ask HN, Show HN, and polls are available:


Job Feeds

Job opportunities from YC funded startups:


Top level comments in threads created by the whoishiring bot:

# Comments from "Who is hiring?" threads

# Comments from "Who wants to be hired?" threads

# Comments from "Freelancer? Seeking freelancer?" threads

# All of the above

User Feeds

If you don’t want to miss a post or comment by a given user, you can subscribe to that user’s feed:

https://hnrss.org/submitted?id=USERNAME # posts
https://hnrss.org/threads?id=USERNAME   # comments
https://hnrss.org/user?id=USERNAME      # everything

Thread Feeds

A feed of new comments on a particular post can be found at:


With THREAD_ID the numerical ID found in the URL when viewing the comments page.

Feed Options

You can modify any feed’s output using URL parameters. Multiple parameters can be applied at the same time by joining them with an ampersand.

Activity Parameters

You can apply a points=N or comments=N parameter to any feed to filter the results so only entries with more than N points or comments are shown:


You can also combine both parameters:


Unfortunately, /newcomments does not work with a points=N parameter.

Search Parameter

By default, searches on posts only look at titles. If you want to search against the submitted URLs themselves, use the search_attrs parameter.

Here are some examples:

By default, the RSS <link> element points to the submitted article’s URL. The <link> element can be changed to point to the Hacker News comment page by appending link=comments to the end of the URL. For example:


Description Parameter

You can disable the <description> element entirely by passing the description=0 parameter:


Count Parameter

By default, feeds return 20 RSS items. This can be increased via the count=N parameter:


There is a hardcoded limit of 100 entries, so keep that in mind.



While running hnrss is by no means “breaking the bank,” every little bit helps for when the monthly hosting bill or domain registration renewal comes due. So if the project has made your job or hobby project easier and you want to show some gratitude, donations are very much appreciated. Thanks!


Credits & Colophon

hnrss.org uses Algolia to query Hacker News and generate the feeds. The code is a Flask app. It runs on nginx with Varnish providing a cache layer and Let’s Encrypt providing HTTPS.

This documentation is built with Hugo and hosted on Github Pages.

The source of the app and the documentation are hosted on Github.