Custom, realtime RSS feeds for Hacker News

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Hacker News RSS feeds

hnrss provides custom, realtime RSS feeds for Hacker News.


The following feeds are available:


The "firehose" feeds contains all new posts and comments as they appear on Hacker News.


Maybe you like the idea of the firehose, but want to slow it down just a bit. You can do that with the ?points=N filter. With this filter added on to a firehose feed, only posts with more than N points will be shown.

So, for example, here's a feed of posts with 200+ points.

Note: The ?points=N filter doesn't work with /newcomments. This is by design.


Similar to the points filter, you can also filter posts based the number of comments it has.

For example, here's an RSS feed with all posts containing 25+ comments.


If you're looking for RSS feeds for Ask HN, Show HN, or polls, we've got you covered.


If you don't want to miss a post or comment by a given user, you can subscribe to that user's RSS feed.

The URLs for both posts and comments, just posts, and just comments are (respectively):

With USERNAME replaced with the username in question.

As a shortcut, when on a user's profile page you can replace "" with "". This also works on a user's submitted and comments pages.


If there's some thread you're particularly interested in, you can subscribe its RSS containing new comments in that thread at

THREAD_ID is the number after ?id= when viewing a post's comments page (Example). Or, as a shortcut, replace "" with "" when on a comments page to get the RSS feed.


You can also filter based on search terms via the ?q=SEARCH_TERM query filter.

For example, here's a feed of all new posts that mention "Django" and all new comments that mention "git".

By default, searches only look at post titles. This is probably what you'll want 95% of the time, but this behavior can be customized via the search_attrs filter. Here's a few examples:


By default, the RSS <link> element points to the submitted article's URL. The <link> element can be changed to point to the Hacker News comment page by appending ?link=comments to the end of the URL. See here for an example.

The RSS <description> element contains a link to the comment page when <link> points the article (i.e., the default) and a link to the article when <link> points to the comment page (e.g., with ?link=comments). This way you can easily get to either page.

You can disable the <description> element entirely by passing ?description=0 to a URL.

You can combine multiple filters with the ampersand character ('&'). For example, here's the URL for all posts with "git" in the title and that have more than 25 points:


hnrss is powered by Algolia, the official Hacker News API provider.